Origins of Cricket in Methlick


The Methlick heritage society has proof that the MCC played in Methlick at least as early as 1899.
They have indicated that the first score book shows that in that year the MCC as we called ourselves even then, played against Kintore. The visitors were all out for 52 and the MCC were all out for 35. The game was played at "Lords" which we think may have been the old kirk glebe or perhaps where the bowling green is today, other matches are recorded against New deer, Ellon, Fyvie, Udny and Auchnagatt.
On the 20th of August 1902 the MCC entertained "The Australians" and, in what must have been our finest hour, bowled them out for eight runs, there appears to be little information after 1903 until more recently.

The photograph to the right is of the MCC at the turn of the last century.  


Back Row; Dr Morrison's son, Bob Mutch, Unknown, Bob Sherriffs.
Middle Row; Aden, John Kirton, Jim Watson, Jimmy White, Duncan Coutts.
Front Row; Unknown, Alex Smith and Willie Presley.










By Dr Ronnie Chisholm.

The North Sea oil industry beginning in the 70's brought a strong contingent of English families
and as always there was friendly banter and rivalry between them and their Scottish hosts.
Sport would always be a hot topic of discussion in the Ythanview Hotel.









It was on a summer's day in 1988 that the challenge was made to see who would be best at cricket. And so the "Auld Enemy" trophy was created bought by 2 Scotsmen (Ronnie Chisholm and Denis Pratt) and 2 Englishmen (Publican Mike Horne and John Griffiths). The wicket was cut out of the village football pitch and was dodgy to say the least. England were captained by the fiercely competitive Roger Bevan and Scotland by Greg Crum now living in Perth Austrialia. England took the honours that day and money was raised to buy the Methlick Scouts a new tent. The match was played over the next 3 years with Scotland winning the next 2 matches and England winning the final match contested between the 2 countries in 1991.

No cricket was played for the following 2 years but on his return to Methlick from Tarves Ronnie Chisholm got together with those who were involved in the past and a Methlick team was formed. It was again captained by Roger Bevan compete for the trophy against a Tarves team captained by the inimitable Keith Crichton. Tarves were an extremely strong team and took the honours in the first match in 1994. The contest was continued for 2 years but in 1997 Tarves could not field a team at the last minute and the place was filled by the lads from Cuminestown captained by John Griffiths who by then had moved to that village. Methlick proved too powerful for them but the match between the teams was continued for a further 2 years played in great spirit but Methlick coming out on top on all occasions.

By now Methlick had started to play other friendly matches which included games against a team from BP and 2 matches played against the Gight House Hotel, captained by publican Les Ross. However it was the team put together by Bill Williams from Udny Castle that provided the competition for the trophy over the new Millennium to the present day. The fixture was last contested in June 2004 at the beautiful Udny Castle with the home team again being victorious.