Briggs Bowl

A new season is upon us again. Methlick had our annual inter club Brigg's Bowl on Saturday. A report is below (I'm having problems with Word at the moment so can only send text).

Saturday saw the season's opener for Methlick as the two captains competed for the annual Brigg's Bowl. A sunny but chilly day was only possible with the great work of the ground staff in getting a very damp Lairds in a fit condition for a game on grass.

Tim Duffy used his experience in picking a team based on playing abilities rather than Lewis Crutchfield going for his mates and youth. The Duffy X1 was put into bat on a ground not looking to provide a run-fest. Controversy reigned as Serafimoski claimed a very spurious catch to remove opener Woodhouse.

Adam Veersema and Jamie Jones both retired on 30 giving the rest of the line-up much needed practice, Farmer Addison hitting a mighty 6 off his first ball and customarily being bowled next ball.

The Duffy X1 reached 115 off 30 overs which looked challenging given the conditions. The pick of the bowling was probably David Low taking 2 for 17.

In reply The Crutchfields lost an early wicket without runs on the board, and that shaped the innings with only Fergus Grant getting into double figures as the challengers were all out for 73.

Next week sees the start of the season proper with MCC 1st X1 travelling to Groat's Road and the 2nds at home to Gordonians. Interestingly MCC featured on River Walks on BBC1 on Monday evening with Paul Murton's exploration of the Ythan from it's source to the sea. Good to see national exposure for the greatest team in the north east.

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